Beyond the Dark Frontier

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Extraction Reactors System Explained

Posted on March 8, 2017  in Announcement


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Xspace9 now in Steam GreenLight

Posted on March 1, 2017  in Announcement

We are proud to announce that we are now on Steam GreenLight.

The votes are now open.






You are Jake. Your mission: Discover what lies beyond the Dark Frontier.
To accomplish this, you will need to upgrade your spaceships and the space station.

Xspace9 is a space station built in the farthest realm of the universe ever to be reached by humans.

You will have to gather resources to increase your skills, spaceship weapons and components.
Discover new areas to unlock more powerful material and legendary artifacts.





  • Explorer: A well balanced spaceship on every aspect
  • Comet: A combat spaceship that cannot use the container
  • Fast Track: The fastest spaceship, good for fast traveling and discovery


Harvesting / Gathering


  • Destroy asteroids to harvest unrefined materials
  • Use container to gather more efficiently unrefined materials


Dark Frontier


  • Discover a rich universe full adventure and challenge
  • Reach the known border of the universe and you will amazed by what you will find
  • Find unique and legendary material
  • Fight unknown enemies and factions within uncharted regions of the universe




  • Defend yourself from opposite faction spaceship and fleet
  • Use 5 different type of weapon to conquer your enemies
  • Attack and steal opposite faction cargo
  • Defend your position by deploying turrets
  • Improve your force field to resist enemy attack


Crafting / Extraction Reactors


  • Choose from 5 different extraction methods: Disruption, Energy, Impact, Ion and Plasma
  • Each extraction methods will give you some chance to extract different type of material
  • Upgrade each extraction reactor to extract more rare and unique material


Space Station Modules


  • Upgrade your space station attributes: Engineering Bay, Academy, Machine Shop, Armory, Physics Lab, Refinery, Extractor and Observatory
  • Unlock your maximum level capacity to improve your space station and workshop attributes




  • Improve your spaceship attributes: Engine, Propulsion system, Hull, Cargo, Force Field Sensors and Weapons
  • You can even earn and upgrade the Alien Technology




  • Review and compare your spaceships statistics
  • Decide which you are going to use for your journey




  • A complete multi-player mission system that allows you to create or accept missions for or from other players.
  • 4 mission types available: Discovery, Gathering, Hunting and Crafting
  • Create missions for the community and gain renown and reward
  • Accept missions created from other player and gain credit or renown




  • Factions: View your current relationship rank across factions
  • Achievement: More than 25 achievements available
  • Leaderboard: Become commander of the galaxy by gaining experience and grades through missions and across factions